Seltzer Water Sparkling

Seltzer Water called sparkling is just one of many waters called “spring water” but that is not really correct. The source and purification of water make them all different in taste and content and so also different in classification.

A government agency which has oversight for the bottled water industry has made rules and regulations for types of water and they are listed below.

Spring water” water that sourced underground and flows under natural conditions to the surface. To be labeled spring water all of it must be obtained at the source.

Purified Water” is water which is treated in some way to remove dissolved solids and bacteria. This water can be labeled as purified drinking water but can be labeled as the method used to purify it.  There are many different methods used in purification but most are just labeled purified water.

Mineral Water” is water which contains no less than 250 PPM (parts per million) of any dissolved material and is classified by level and proportions of minerals and any other trace elements when it comes out of its source.  Minerals can not be added.

Sparkling Bottled Water” is water which has the amount of CO (carbon dioxide) the same as the source. Any waters can be labeled as sparkling if it meets that regulation.   In other words, any water containing CO2 can be labeled as sparkling.  The CO2 causes the bubbles that give carbonate water is fizzy or sparkling taste.

Artesian Water or Artesian Well Water” is water from a well which taps into an confined aquifer with the source being higher than the well so that it filters through layers of rock and sand.

Well Water” is exactly that – well water source.

Municipal/Tap Water” is water piped into your house or business. It must meet standards of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Municipal water is safe and of good quality; however, many consumers prefer bottled water.

The FDA oversees the federal or state agencies which monitors the purity of water.  This provides consumers with safety reassurance and is monitored from the source to the finished product.

So, water that “sparkles” is just water with bubbles in it and a fizzy taste. You can even make Seltzer Water at home with a home made water maker which forces CO2 gas into the water.

Flavored seltzer water

A large assortment of calorie free flavors to flavor sparkling water to great taste is sold at Internet.  Flavored seltzer water is a good replacement for the soda pop that too many kids drink everyday.  There are also commercial water makers for restaurants and other places where drinks are sold.  It makes a delicious option for the whole family to insure that everyone drinks as much water as needed to remain healthy.